10 x 10 Pop up Tent
Great to keep your food, bar or DJ out of the rain or sun.
10 x 20 Blue Top Tent
Different from all our other tents, this tent is blue which provides a distinct visual for everyone to see. Seats 10-20 people.
20 x 20 Pole Tent
Smaller in size, this tent allows you to place it in a smaller area. Seats 20-40 people.
20 x 30 Canopy Tent
Works great for graduation parties or small social gatherings and can be placed on grass or driveway. Seats 30-60 people.
20 x 30 Pole Tent
Made with 16-ounce block out vinyl, this tent allows for more protection from the elements and fits in most backyards. Seats 40-70 people.
20 x 40 Canopy Tent
Slightly larger in size, this tent can be placed on grass or driveway for a larger guest list. Seats 50-80 people.
20 x 40 Pole Tent
While providing each occasion with elegance and affordability, this tent works great for large graduation parties or small wedding receptions. Seats 60-90 people.
30 x 30 Pole Tent
Unlike a rectangular pole tent, this square tent uses only one center pole and allows you to utilize more space for your event. Seats 70-100 people.
36 x 58 Oval Pole Tent
Unlike other tents, this pole tent is designed for a unique look that will be memorable for your special celebration. Fantastic for outdoor weddings or small festivals! Seats 125-175 people.
30' Wide Pole Tent
Make this tent a 30 x 45 or a 30 x 60 to fit anyone you have invited. The classic look of this tent will make your event memorable for everyone! Seats 80-180.
40' Wide Pole Tent
This tent provides you with the ability to not have to cut your guest list. Whether you choose to make this tent a 40 x 40, 40 x 60, 40 x 80, 40 x 100, or 40 x 120, you could have a private event or invite the whole town! Seats 125-450 people.

Tent Accessories

Lights can be added to your tent so that you are able to enjoy your event all night long. Sides can also be purchased to utilize to shield you and your guests from wind or other natural elements.